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Soul singing is an intentional practice designed to relax and reset the body. The approach comes from the precision work vocalists do to train the voice in the classical Italian style. 

This traditional western form of teaching and studying voice is grounded in an open, flowing sound that relies on the parasympathetic movement of the diaphragm and unobstructed, consistent (“supported”) airflow. 

In opera, this creates a pitched breath (sung note) that is intended to carry a “ping” (squillo) sound with enough overtones to be heard over an orchestra. 

In life, this creates an integrated physical practice that combines full, healthy breathing and grounded body awareness. 

Sustained vibration of the vocal cords, or tonal activation, kicks off an endorphin rush. Ask any opera singer -- singing properly feels good. It’s similar to a runner’s high.

This practice is beneficial not only for creating a stunning, resonant sound, but in the most basic sense, for integrating the body and the voice. 

Like yoga, this type of vocal training is built on gradients of engagement meant to be practiced over and over. A seasoned yogi will often return her focus to “the basics.” Like yoga, anyone, in any body, can learn the building blocks for how to sing with an open body and a flowing breath.

Soul Singing takes all the physical and mental benefits of operatic technique and turns them into an approachable, workable daily practice. 

Anyone, regardless of talent or skill, can use this practice to calm the breath, ground the body, complete a stress cycle, find stillness, and delight in one’s own unique voice.


Give it a try!

Sit at your desk or pop onto the floor. Steph leads a fifteen minute practice to help you release stress.