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High Voice for Women: Hour Class

Rise Above (Your Expectations)

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Service Description

In this one-hour session, participants develop practices for breathing, grounding, and phonating (singing) in a healthy, powerful way. This session begins with breathing, grounding and tonal centering. Steph guides you through movements that incorporate humming and phonation, so that you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system and move through a stress cycle. The second half of the session focuses on resonating in the high voice, past the passaggio (break). Every woman has access to this voice, but if you are not a regular singer, you might not know this voice exists. Steph leads tender, specific vocalises (warm ups) to help participants move through the passaggio and into the beautiful realm of the high “classical” voice. The course ends with a song that allows participants to apply what they’ve discussed by singing along with a popular song.

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